Wood Dishes || Hamsa & Eye of Ra

These beautiful bowls from the island of Java are hand carved from Pine wood! They are perfect for holding your crystals, jewelry, smudging tools, and other treasures. Pick out the shapes that most resonates with you!

Hamsa is a cross-culture talisman known to keep you safe and used to protect against envy or the Evil Eye. It also symbolizes abundance and prosperity, inviting good things to come into your life! The word “Hamsa” literally translates to “five” and refers to the number of fingers on the hand. Each of the five fingers has an energy.

Thumb: The solar plexus chakra and fire element
Forefinger: The heart chakra and air
Middle finger: The throat chakra and ethereal elements
Ring finger: The root chakra and earth element
Pinkie finger: The sacral chakra and water

Hamsa: 6 inch x 6 inch

Deflect negative energy with the ever-watchful symbol of inner peace and protection. The Eye of Ra will project you from negative energy and bad luck. It provides you with protection, power, and promises to keep you safe. The Eye of Ra is protective symbol for good fortune and to bring in strength!

The Eye of Ra: 7 inch x 4 inch

All items are cleansed, charged and Reiki infused.

Note: The listing is for one (1) bowl, and the photo is a representation of the product that will be intuitively chosen just for you. Natural products vary in size, color, and shape. All crystal healing uses and metaphysical definitions are provided as a means of education. Healing crystals are spiritual supports to healing and are not meant to replace conventional Health Care.

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