Angelic Roots started in 2016 with a passion to bring crystal art, hand made jewelry, and Reiki services to everyone. We pride ourselves in using high quality materials and we put an authentic purpose behind our innovative creations. From weddings, birthdays, memorials, stress reduction, abundance, joy and love, we can develop an individualized item for any occasion or intention. With your input and our vast inventory of crystals our creations are limitless! Our Reiki services offer several optional modalities that will be specific to your needs.

Laurie Rodic

Laurie is a Spiritual Intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher and Crystal Specialist who co-owns Angelic Roots with her husband, Djuro Rodic.  She has a Bachelor's degree in Clinical Laboratory Science and her passion is understanding how thoughts and emotions affect the physical body.  She believes there is a strong link between the Mind, Body, Spirit and overall well-being of each individual person. 

Djuro Rodic

Djuro is a Reiki practitioner who specializes in sound healing and crystal therapy.  He has always felt a connection to the earth and the crystals that are created from it.  He is passionate about playing the 432 Hz Paiste Earth gong, singing bowls and tuning forks. Using several sound therapies to achieve healing, relaxation and deep meditation is something he truly enjoys sharing. Wire wrapping and creating personalized crystal art and jewelry are also ways Djuro helps to spread positivity and light.