Kyanite Raw Blade

These high quality Kyanite blades are perfect for your crystal grids or releasing energetic ties. Legend has it that Archangel Michel’s sword is made of Kyanite and you can use it as a kind of celestial sword to cut out negative energetic ties and release negative energy!

Kyanite helps move blocked energy and aligns all chakras. It can produce vivid dreams and helps with meditation and manifestation. Kyanite facilitates self-expression, communication, and speaking your truth by promoting peaceful energy. This stone does not accumulate negative energy, so it never needs cleansing! High vibration!

$2: Approximately 1"

$4: Approximately 1.5"-2"

$6: Approximately 2.5"-3"

$8: Approximately 3.5"-4"

$10: Approximately 4"+

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