Himalayan Quartz Double Terminated Point

Himalayan Quartz, also known as Samadhi Quartz, is a rare Quartz found only in the Himalayan Mountains of India. This area is a highly spiritual site where many people have gone to achieve Samadhi—a oneness of the mind with the universe, leading to full enlightenment. Himalayan Quartz has a nurturing and pure frequency that opens the heart and fills the aura with peace. This is a wonderful crystal to bring into your home to create a calming, joyful environment and to remind you that what you are doing in the present is exactly where you should be at this time and place in the Universe!

These naturally double terminated points are perfect for sending & receiving energy! They are perfect to be used as a wand and also add amazing energy to your sacred space.

Approximately 1"-4" (unless indicated)

$5: Approximately 1-5g
$8: Approximately 5.5-10g
$10: Approximately 15-20g
$12: Approximately 25-30g
$15: Approximately 35-50g
$18: Approximately 55-70g
$20: Approximately 75-80g
$22: Approximately 90g
$25: Approximately 100-120g
$30: Approximately 130-140g
$35: Approximately 150-160g
$40: Approximately 170-180g
$42: Approximately 190-200g
$48: Approximately 210-220g
$52: Approximately 230-240g
$55: Approximately 250-260g
$65: Approximately 290-300g 4"-5"
$72: Approximately 330g 4.5"-5"
$77: Approximately 350g 5"
$80: Approximately 370g 5"
$85: Approximately 410g 5.5"
$95: Approximately 470g 6"
$111:  Approximately 560g 4"
$179: Approximately 900g 7"
$200: Approximately 1.01kg 7"-9"
$222: Approximately 1.11kg 7"-9"

All items are cleansed, charged and Reiki infused.

Note: Natural products vary in size, color, and shape. All crystal uses and metaphysical definitions are provided as a means of education.

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