Connecting with Archangels || Archangel Raphael || Labradorite, Burmese Jade and Silver Leaf Jasper Beaded Bracelet

A bracelet designed to help connect with your Archangels of love and light! With each design made specifically to represent each Archangel, you can wear them everyday to be reminded of their love, light and guidance. To call upon the Archangel, hold the bracelet close to your heart and speak into existence that you want to connect with that Archangel. Its that easy!

Handcrafted and Reiki infused, this bracelet is made of natural 8mm Faceted Burmese Jade, Silver Leaf Jasper and 6mm Labradorite. Featuring gold diamond spacers and gold accents. 

Archangel Raphael is known as the Archangel of Healing, Abundance and Recovery.

Burmese Jade is a very abundant stone. Channeling divine power, the combination of the stones and the intention of Archangel Raphael, Burmese Jade attracts abundance in wealth and more importantly, health. 

Silver Leaf Jasper gives the feeling of stability. It balances the mind, bringing mental clarity. Aids in recovery through its grounding energy. 

Labradorite is a powerful stone in protection, healing and change. It is also good for the throat chakra to express honesty. 

**SIZE** To determine your beaded bracelet size, please measure your wrist and add 3/4" to 1" to the measurement depending on if you want it snug or a bit loose on the wrist.

All items are cleansed, charged and Reiki infused.

Please note: Natural products vary in size, color and shape.

Disclaimer: All crystal healing uses and metaphysical definitions are provided as a means of education. Healing crystals are spiritual supports to healing and are not meant to replace conventional Health Care.

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