Soul Care Sunday Women's Embodiment Sessions - Sunday, April 23


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It's time to start embracing your body and learn a BRAND NEW wellness approach to heal your lower body so you can live a balanced and courageous life!

Women's Embodiment Sessions can help you understand your pelvic floor and its connection to being your sacred space and spiritual connection to the world. We will work together to explore your individual needs through a coaching session. Follow up materials can be provided as needed. These 45-minute sessions can explore the following:

Pelvic Floor Preventative Care: Gain knowledge on the pelvic floor/lower body and the issues/conditions that can occur. Learn tips and suggestions to help keep this area of your body healthy and functional. 

Pelvic Floor Conditions Support: Explore your issue/condition like overactive bladder, urinary incontinence, organ prolapse, IBS and more, get resources to help, and support on healing your body.

Holistic and Natural Wellness: Wellness can be overwhelming so we will explore a path that works for you to incorporate healthy life practices like quality sleep, food, movement, and more.

Mindest Support: Our mindset is the foundation for our overall wellness. We will look at practices to reduce stress, engage in more mindfulness, and reduce overthinking to meet your goals. This is great for helping with any setbacks on your wellness journey.

Self-Love and Self-Care Practices: Spark your passion for life by learning to embrace your body, sexuality, and uniqueness through self-love practices.

Stress Management: Learn and explore tools for stress management and daily life balance.

Body, Mind, and Spirit Exploration: Discover how your body, mind, and spirit are all connected and explore a new approach to finding balance in your life.

It is important to remember that we are not medical practitioners and all information gained regarding your health should be verified with your health practitioner.

Molly Sommerhalder of Swan in the Lotus Yoga and Wellness, LLC is a Women's Embodiment Coach & Bhakti-Infused Yoga Teacher. She is a Wisconsin native and came to the practice of yoga and wellness over 20 years ago. She has been a Certified Yoga Teacher for over 15 years and incorporates the devotional practice of Bhakti Yoga into her yoga classes/workshops.

Molly connects the mind, body, and spirit to guide people to healing, transformation, and peace through the practice of yoga and wellness. She is also a Women's Embodiment and Certified Wellness Coach offering workshops and embodiment circles.

Location: Angelic Roots, 8612 S Market Pl, Oak Creek, WI 53154

Please sign our Consent & Liability Waiver prior to arrival. Note, we use essential oils and burn sage, palo santo and/or incense—please let us know of any sensitivities.

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