Reiki Level III Class - Saturday 3/12 & Sunday 3/13 9am-5:30pm


Are you ready to take your Reiki journey to the next level? Join Laurie Rodic & Angelic Roots for Reiki Level 3/Reiki Master certification.  This is a two day class that focuses on enhancing the flow of Reiki to strengthen and enhance your energy and reiki practice. Upon successful completion of class you will receive a Reiki Master Certificate and become a Certified Reiki Master.  To be a Reiki Master ~ one does not Master Reiki, but allows Reiki to Master you. Please note: This class does not teach students how to teach Reiki and attune others. That is a separate Reiki Master-Teacher (Level 4) class.  

Join Laurie for an intimate (max 4 students) full day class that will include:

  • Reiki Level 3 Manual & Certificate
  • Advanced Meditation to strengthen your Chakras
  • Strengthen & enhance your energy to a lighter level 
  • Level 3 Attunement and Usui Reiki Master Symbol
  • Healing techniques to clear unwanted energies from yourself and from others;  Aura Clearing – precisely removing negative energies & attachments to the auric field
  • Reiki Crystal Grid & Instruction on How to Send Distant Reiki through the Grid
  • Panera Lunch
  • Post Class Reiki Share & Follow-up

Level 3 Prerequisites: 

  • Reiki Level I & 2 Certification
  • Daily Reiki Practice
  • Consultation or Reiki session with Laurie is required prior to training. Note, this is an additional cost not included in the class. You can schedule your session here.
  • If training from another teacher, please provide certificate and/or teacher's contact info.
  • Students must see 12 additional clients before advancing to Reiki 3. Eight of these clients must be seen at Angelic Roots Community Reiki. You must also attend 2 Reiki Shares at Angelic Roots.

Preparation: Laurie will send additional preparation details prior to class.

Location: Angelic Roots, 8612 S. Market Place Oak Creek, WI 53154


Please sign our Consent & Liability Waiver prior to arrival. 

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