Mindfulness with Affirmations - Saturday, January 29 6pm-8:30pm


Affirmations have been around for centuries and can be used as a daily tool to help boost and create your reality. Join Cassandra to discover the history of affirmations, different styles, and how to craft your own to fit into your daily lifestyle. By committing yourself to affirmations, you begin to lay new pathways down in your mind to stat to affirm that it is OK to have your desires met by making these very changes more possible. This course will bring your artistic side out with mindful practices of watercolor painting to help anchor your affirmations. All supplies and material are included, with a class manual. Gathering limited to 12 participants.


  • Bring a mat, blanket, pillow and whatever you need to be completely comfortable
  • Wear comfy clothes that are okay incase paint gets on them

Cassandra has shared an interest in subtle body energy since 2012. After years of practice, she took what she learned from the healing benefits from her personal journey to start to give back to the community, completing her training in Wisconsin as Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui/Tibetan System of Energy Healing.

Cassandra has experience sharing her energy work through her private practice as well as in the hospital setting working with patients. In addition to Reiki, Cassandra is a certified Practitioner of Access Consciousness the Body Process and she is currently in school for her Aromatherapy Masters Diploma to better assist the world with holistic health.

Location: Angelic Roots, 8612 S Market Pl, Oak Creek, WI 53154

Please sign our Consent & Liability Waiver prior to arrival. Note, we use essential oils and burn sage, palo santo and/or incense—please let us know of any sensitivities.

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