Acupressure and Reiki Session

If you have muscle tension, insomnia, and need a meridian boost in between your treatments or to work complimentary with other therapies, the pressure from the Zen Mat will help increase blood flow while the Reiki energy can help release any stagnant energy to assist with releasing and bring your body to a state of relaxation.

If this is your first time on an acupressure mat, you will start off slow easing your way into 10-15 minutes and eventually going all the way up to 1 hour. Cassandra may provide you feedback on any additional instructions for what to do before the initial Reiki session begins and may include, but not limited to, use of tools you desirearomatherapy, crystal infusion, breathwork, sound healing, and oracle deck pulls. The session will last 60 minutes.

The session is at our Wellness Center: 8612 S Market Place, Oak Creek, WI 53154.

Please sign our Consent & Liability Waiver prior to arrival. If you need to reschedule your appointment, please contact us at or 1-414-304-5184.



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