48" Sri Yantra Grotta Sonora Gong

This beautiful gong features Sri Yantra - a sacred geometry design that represents the flow of energy in the universe and used for meditation and prayers. The central point of the Sri Yantra, or bindu, is said to be the point where all of creation begins. The four triangles that point upward embody the masculine energy or the Hindu god, Shiva, and the other five triangles that point downward embody the feminine energy or the god Shakti. These nine interconnected triangles symbolize how everything is interconnected in the universe!

Grotta Sonora translates to "sound cave" in Italian, and these gongs are inspired, crafted, and hand etched in Calcata, Italy by Madhava Carrara and Margherita Cioffi, artisans and musicians. They have been experimenting for years with the craft, using a wide range of materials, including an alloy with a high presence of nickel mixed with stainless steel and even recycled materials. Each gong is energetically unique and a stunning piece of artwork. They are designed for a deeper, meditative frequency with complex tones and dancing harmonics that provides an expansive blend of sound and fluid tones. Grotta Sonora gongs are ideal for sound baths, sound healing practitioners, or personal collections.

Scroll to the end of the photos to hear the sound clip or head over to YouTube to listen. Please reach out if you'd like additional photos or sound clips. Stand and mallet sold separately.

All items are cleansed, charged and Reiki infused.

Note: All crystal uses and metaphysical definitions are provided as a means of education.

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