Energy/Reiki Services with Cassandra


Cassandra began her journey in energy healing and modalities in 2012. She is a Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher and a certified Practitioner of Access Consciousness the Body Process. Cassandra has experience sharing her energy work through her private practice as well as in the hospital setting working with patients. She is currently in school working toward a degree in Aromatherapy Masters.

Sessions are held at our Wellness Center: 8612 S Market Place, Oak Creek, WI 53154. If you need assistance scheduling or need to reschedule your appointment, please contact the Wellness Center at (414) 304-5184 or

Basic Reiki

This session with Cassandra is for those looking for the Reiki experience without the extra toolsjust straight energy healing for a boost or guidance. This session works complimentary with other therapies or current treatments.

Immersive Reiki

Indulge in this intensive energy healing session with Cassandra including aromatherapy, crystal infusion, breathwork, and sound healing. Sensations felt throughout personal treatment are the natural energies that bodies have access to from everywhere in the universe. Each of these dynamic processes invite the body to begin to heal and create itself.

Couple/Friend Reiki Session

Sit close and get cozy with your partner, spouse, or even best friend. Whether you both are working on a mutual goal, need to come to terms with a situation or emotion, and everything else in between—allow this session with Cassandra to release tension and have you flow into the ease of a mental state for clarity and peace for the mind, body, and soul.

Mini Reiki Session

This session with Cassandra is a mini 30-minute Reiki session that allows the experience of Reiki flow through and around you, aiding you to ease your mind, ease your pain, and bring balance back into your life with Cassandra’s specialty of chakra balancing. 

Distant Reiki

Your session with Cassandra is scheduled through Zoom or phone call. After a mutual understanding of what is happening in your world and what you would like to work/focus on you and Cassandra will then ease into the Reiki session after ending the consultation.

Chakra Balance and Aura Tuner

This treatment with Cassandra arranges an array of different energy work modalities fused with, but not limited to, crystals, acupressure mat, aromatherapy, sound, and chakra balance affirmation, tips, tricks and trends. This  session also involves an intensive interview with the emotion and physical state of the body. Energetically, client and practitioner remove cords and other depleting energy that cannot be healed with other holistic methods through the aura.

Access Consciousness The Body Process: Get Unstuck

This 120-minute session with Cassandra involves both body processes of Access Consciousness for immune boosting and inviting joy. This session is a hands-on experience that is usually performed up the back, working on the joints to create the space that you need to feel the joy that you are in your natural state of being.