Energy/Reiki Services with Amy


Amy is an Intuitive Reiki Master practitioner. She specializes in working with the Angelic Realm to bring forth healing energies to her clients. Amy’s background is in secondary education and she has years of experience teaching in a high school setting. Because of her background she has passion for teaching her clients tools and techniques that they can put in place on a daily basis that will continue to support them along their healing journey after a reiki session. Amy believes in empowering clients with said information so that they move forward in life and spread their light to those around them.

Amy es una practicante de reiki nivel 3. Durante una sesión de reiki ella se especializa en trabajar con la energía de los archangels para ayudar a sus clientes a balancear los centros de energía y sanar sus cuerpos. En la sesión de reiki Amy también utiliza cristales y terapia de sonido para amplificar los efectos positivos del reiki. Si usted habla español Amy es bilingüe y puede hacer una cita con ella.

Sessions are held at our Wellness Center: 8612 S Market Place, Oak Creek, WI 53154. If you need assistance scheduling or need to reschedule your appointment, please contact the Wellness Center at (414) 304-5184 or

Express Reiki Session

This 30-minute Reiki session with Amy will start with a brief consultation to assess areas that might need more focus as well as setting an intention for the session. During the session Amy will intuitively use aromatherapy, crystal and sound therapy to enhance the healing energy.

Reiki Session with Angel Card Reading

Your 60-minute session with Amy will focus on aligning each Chakra, and she will use a combination of sound healing, crystal therapy and aromatherapy to cleanse the aura and balance each chakra. At the end of the session you’ll receive an angel card reading.

Soul Guidance and Reiki Session

Your session will start with a consultation and you’ll then be guided to a Soul Guidance meditation. Amy will then transition to a Reiki session where she will focus on aligning each Chakra using a combination of sound healing, crystal therapy and aromatherapy.